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Unable to Power Up Poly Phones


  • The display on the phone is blank /no lights are on.
  • The phone doesn't seem like its getting any power, and won't turn on.

Applies To

  • Poly VVX Deskphone Models (VVX 101 - VVX 601)


Follow the below checks if just one/multiple phones are affected:

  1. Confirm that there is no outage.
    • Check to make sure that no other phones in the office are affected.
  2. Make sure that the phones are connected to an Ethernet/LAN cable, and connected to the right port on the phone making sure that the connections are secure and not loose.
  3. Try connecting one of the affected phones to a known working location (where a working phone is connected) to see if you get the same outcome.

Power Over Ethernet (PoE)

  1. Ensure that your network is utilizing PoE (i.e. the phone receives power over the network cable from your Switch, some switches do not facilitate this).
  2. Speak with your local IT team, for hardware checks on the switch.

Power Adapter

  1. Check if you have plugged in the adapter to a power supply and is turned on.
  2. Connect the power adapter at a different location.
  3. Try connecting another device to the power adapter. If this works, the phone might be defective.
  4. Try using another spare power adapter which is connected to the working phone. If this works, the issue is with the power adapter.


Difficulties in powering up your Poly phones can be due to several reasons such as internet connectivity, not using POEs, plugging into wrong ports, etc.

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