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How to Pair a Yealink Handset with the W70B DECT Base Station


To pair or register a Yealink Handset with the W70B base station.

Applies To

  • Yealink W70B Base Station
  • Yealink W76P Base Station and Handset
  • Yealink W59R Handset
  • Yealink W56H Handset


Before registering a handset, the base station will need to be placed in Registration mode.

Enabling Registration Mode on the W70B Base Station

Long press yealink .PNG on the base station until the handset LED flashes.

The base station will now be in Registration mode.

Note-Icon.png Note: If the base station does not identify a DECT phone within 90 seconds, the registration mode
will switch off automatically.

Registering a New Handset to a Base Station

  1. Press the Reg soft key to register the handset. The handset will now search for a base station in the registration mode.
  2. After the handset is registered successfully, the phone prompts Handset Subscribed and Base NO (the last 4 characters of the connected Base’s MAC address).
  3. After the handset is initialized successfully, an icon with the internal handset number and handset name appears on the phone screen.

Note: You can also press OK > Register Handset and then select the desired base to register the
handset. You need to enter the base PIN (default: 0000) after a base is found.