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Call Quality Issues with Yealink WF40 Wi-Fi Adapter

When experience calls quality issues in Yealink WF40 Wi-Fi Adapter, then factory reset the phone and upload the adapter firmware. Learn more.


Yealink phones using Yealink wi-fi adapters (e.g., Yealink WF40), experience garbled and choppy audio. Additionally, if the phone using an adapter reboots, or a new config is generated, it will likely downgrade the adapter firmware.

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In the case of the firmware being downgraded by a phone reboot or config change, complete the steps to reconfigure the adapter.

  1. Factory reset the phone.
  2. Upload the adapter firmware.
  3. Reprovision the phone to 8x8 servers.


This is a known issue with the Yealink wi-fi adapters (WF40).

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