This legacy version (4.2.6) is for users who want to continue utilizing the contact information popup window for incoming calls.

The 8x8 Microsoft Integration allows you to access 8x8 Virtual Office features from Outlook and Skype for Business (Lync).

To use, download the zip file and extract the msi file to your computer. Then run the msi file to get started. Once installed, Virtual Office options will be included in your Microsoft Outlook and/or Lync interface. Please review the documentation linked below for further details.

Note: If you have the previous 8x8 Outlook Integration installed, please use the Windows Control panel to uninstall this program before installing the new 8x8 Microsoft Integration.

Known Issues

  • A recent Microsoft security update may cause Outlook 2010 to start in Safe Mode. Microsoft recommends uninstalling update 3114409 to resolve this issue. Click here for more information.

By clicking the button to download below, you acknowledge and accept the 8x8 Terms of Use and (where applicable) the 8x8 Beta Services Terms of Use.

Product & Plug-in Installation
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