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How do I replace a DECT handset?


This guide explains how to replace the handset of a DECT device.

Applies To

  • Panasonic KX-TPA60


  1. From the DECT handset, select Menu > Settings > System Option > Cancel Base and choose the base you are canceling.
  2. Click Yes to delete the base.
  3. Turn on the new base you wish to pair the handset to.
  4. When it shows a solid green light, hold the locator button on the side of the base for about four seconds, until the status indicator flashes red.
  5. Press and hold the OK soft key on the handset until the display reads: "Please wait..."
    It may take a couple of minutes. The phone display reads "Registered" and the light on the base goes solid green again. It also shows a Handset and a number. The handset is paired with the base unit. The handset may download some files.

Additional Information

Information is available on replacing a DECT base.

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