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Overhead Paging With 8x8 Work Overview


Note: To configure overhead paging in 8x8 Admin Console, click here.

Introduction (Legacy Account Manager Only)


The following is for 8x8 legacy Account Manager only.  3rd party FXO is not supported on X-Series platform

The 8x8 Work Overhead Paging System (also known as ZONE overhead paging) allows subscribers to dial an extension number and connect to an announcement paging system. The announcement system should be a one-way speaker system, such as an amplifier connecting to a speaker. After dialing the extension number associated with the Overhead Paging system (and an optional password check), the caller can begin speaking immediately.

8x8 supports multiple Overhead Paging extensions within an iPBX. 8x8 Work subscribers can install Overhead Paging Systems in different zones and have specific extension numbers for each zone. Please note that the 8x8 Work Overhead Paging solution is not an intercom system, as it only supports one-way announcement. The system must be connected via ATA adapter.

8x8 Work Overhead Paging works with paging systems that have a standard analog phone input (RJ11 Port or "Tip & Ring"), and supports either FXO or FXS mode. An example of this type of paging system is the Bogen TPU-15A (pictured below).


Order and Installation Procedure

When ordering an Overhead Paging extension, the user will be given an extension number and prompted to set up a password for this extension, if desired. Unlike a normal physical extension, 8x8 Work Overhead Paging extensions use just the broadband ATA adapter (with no physical telephone).

The activation process for an Overhead Paging extension is the same as with a physical extension. After logging into Account Manager, you will need to enter the MAC address of the ATA adapter. Once the activation is complete, you can then connect your existing Overhead Zone Paging System to the RJ-11 phone port on your 8x8 Work ATA adapter.

Using the Overhead Paging System

An Overhead Paging extension can receive calls like other 8x8 Work physical extensions, but cannot make outgoing calls:

  1. The user dials the Overhead Paging extension number to speak to the announcement system.
  2. After dialing the extension number, the user will be prompted to enter the password (only for FXO mode). (The default password is blank.) This password check is optional and depends on the configuration.
  3. You can start speaking to the announcement system after hearing the bell tone.

Optional Password Check (FXO mode only)

The 8x8 Work Overhead Paging System supports optional password check. Each Overhead Paging extension has its own customizable password (the default password is blank). Since the Overhead Paging System allows an empty password, the user can skip entering the password when calling the Overhead Paging extension.

The options for establishing the password check procedure are as follows:

  1. The password check is performed by default.
  2. The password check is skipped if the password is empty.
  3. The password check is skipped if the user is calling from the receptionist extension.

Changing the Overhead Paging Extension Password

There are two ways to change the password for an Overhead Paging extension.

Method 1: Through the IVR interface

  1. Dial 500 to access voicemail from any other physical extension of the PBX.
  2. Enter the Overhead Paging extension number and press #.
  3. Enter the password and press #. (The default password is blank)
  4. Enter 3 to Change the User Preferences.
  5. Enter 1 to Change the User Password.
  6. Follow the audio instructions to change the password.

Method 2: Through Account Manager

  1. Log in to Account Manager.
  2. Click Phone System.
  3. Click Paging.
  4. Click Configure on Overhead Paging Configuration
  5. Click Configure or Edit on the Paging Ext to change your password.

Overhead Paging Devices Known to Work with VoIP Services


Speco Technologies

  • Speco PBM30 (FXO)
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