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Valcom V-2003A Overhead Paging System Configuration


Configuring a Valcom V-2003A overhead paging system for 8x8 services - needs a Universal Telephone Interface (UTI) like Valcom V-9970 for it to work.

Applies To

  • Valcom V-2003A (Three Zone Page Control Unit)
  • Valcom V-9970 (Universal Telephone Interface)


  1. Valcom V-2003A won't work on either FXS or FXO Mode, so a Universal Telephone Interface (UTI) like Valcom V-9970 must be used. Setup: 8x8 Adapter > V-9970 > V-2003A.
  2. To configure Valcom V-9970, check article Valcom V-9970 Overhead Paging System Configuration for 8x8 Services
  3. To connect Valcom V-2003A to V-9970, please see diagram:

Valcom V-9970 to V-2003A.png

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