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How to Provision or Recover an AudioCodes ATA Adapter
8x8 Support

How to Provision or Recover an AudioCodes ATA Adapter



Audiocodes purchased through 8x8 are only intended for FXS mode only. If you are using this adapter for doorbells, overhead paging systems, and other non-standard ATA devices - Please check with the manufacturer for FXS support. FXO designed devices will not work.

Please check the label of your Audiocodes ATA adapter to confirm if it has any FXO support.


Provisioning an AudioCodes ATA adapter or recovering it after a factory reset.

Applies To

  • AudioCodes MP112 ATA adapter
  • AudioCodes MP114 ATA adapter
  • AudioCodes MP118 ATA adapter
  • AudioCodes MP124 ATA adapter


Device Certificates

AudioCodes will not activate with 8x8 service without a factory-installed certificate.  Certificates come with the device and cannot be manually added.

You can check for the certificate on the bottom device label under CPN.  If you have remote access into the device, you can check the certificate status on the System Information page.

The MP124 does not require CER at the end of its' CPN number to have a factory installed certificate.  MP124s with the CPN MP124/24S/AC/SIP are acceptableIf unsure, please check the system information page from the GUI of the device.

No Factory-Installed Device Certificate


Factory-Installed Device Certificate


Restoring to Factory Default using the reset button

  1. Boot device up completely with the ethernet cable plugged in
  2. wait for fail light to turn off (MP124 LAN light doubles as fail light)
  3. unplug the ethernet cable
  4. Hold the reset button for 10 seconds
  5. Let go of button
  6. Wait 2 minutes for fail light to go out
  7. Then wait for ready light to go green
  8. Plug in the ethernet cable again

After successfully resetting an Audiocodes device, DHCP is disabled and the local ip should default to  Follow the next steps below to enable DHCP and gain access to the GUI.

Sometimes the Audiocodes devce will reset properly but DHCP will still be enabled.  This is okay and you can still proceed with uploading the INI file.  If you are unable to access the load configuration option from the top drop down menu, this indicates that the device is still locked and you will need to retry the reset procedure.

If an Audiocodes device is already provisioned to 8x8, you will be unable to make any changes via the GUI as the device is locked for security. 

An error message "Your access level does not allow you to view this page." will show.  Please follow the procedure to reset the device using the reset button located in the back.

Using the IVR

Obtaining the current IP address through the IVR menu

  1. Using an analog phone, connect to port 1
  2. Dial ***12345 to access IVR
  3. Dial 1 # to get the IP address

Enabling DHCP through the IVR menu

  1. Using an analog phone, connect to port 1
  2. Dial ***12345 to access the IVR
  3. Input 7 # to enter DHCP Menu
  4. Input # to change
  5. Input 1 # to enable
  6. Input 1 to save
  7. Reconnect the LAN cable
  8. Dial ***12345 to access IVR
  9. Dial 1 # to get the IP address

How to update firmware if not on version 6.x

  1. To access the AGUI, In browser navigate to https://<IPADDRESS from IVR>.
    • Username: Admin
    • Password: Admin
  2. Check the firmware version by going to Status & Diagnostics > System Status > Device Information > Versions > Version ID.
  3. If the firmware is up to date, skip to the next section to load the bootstrap INI file.
  4. Go to Device Actions.
  5. Save the configuration file.
  6. Create one empty ini file which will be used to wipe out the configuration.
  7. Go to Software Wizard.
  8. Load the latest firmware.
  9. Load the empty ini file.
  10. Click Reset.
  11. After rebooting, open Wireshark Listen on all interfaces and type syslog to monitor logs.
  12. Go to https://<IPADDRESS from IVR>.
  13. Check the firmware version.

How to Load the Bootstrap INI File

The bootstrap.ini file contains the provisioning information the Audiocodes will need to activate with 8x8 service.

  1. Go to Device Actions.
  2. Click Load Configuration File.
  3. Click Choose File and select the bootstrap ini file.
  4. Click Load INI File.
  5. A message will appear. Click OK.
  6. Wait for the device to reboot. The screen will display, "Loading in Progress...," and then you should be taken back to the login screen.
  7. If the screen is stuck at "Loading in Progress" for over five minutes, refresh the page and you should be taken back to the login screen.
  8. To verify if the Line or Port is registered, go to Status & Diagnostics > VoIP Status > Registration Status.

Workaround When IVR Does Not Work

  1. Factory Reset the device.
    1. Remove the LAN Cable.
    2. Hold the reset button for 8 seconds (if this does not work, try for 10 seconds).
    3. Wait for the Ready Status to be Green.
    4. Re-plug the LAN cable.
  2. Plug the ethernet cable to the device and your laptop.
  3. Make your IP address of LAN static to
  4. Access the ATA device on
  5. Load the bootstrap ini file with the steps stated above.
  6. Unplug the ethernet cable from the laptop and connect it to POE.
  7. Wait for the device to reboot. Note: Never reboot a device if some of the lights are RED!
  8. If needed, manually reboot the device.

Additional Information

Admin access to the web GUI for the AudioCodes MP124 is removed after the device is provisioned. This is a security precaution due to the AudioCodes MP124 inability to support a MAC password as is used for other device types.

Current Firmware Versions

MP112, MP114, MP118, MP124:
MP124E: 6.60A.332.002

Only update firmware if you are using an AudioCodes unit purchased from 8x8, if you purchased somewhere else, please contact Support first. 8x8 is not responsible if unit becomes unusable due to failed firmware update.


Update 07/20/2021

After identifying a bug the prevented MP112, MP114, and MP118 from provisioning correctly with 8x8, an updated firmware has been released, the current version available is 6.60A.365. Older versions are no longer available or supported effective immediately.


For MP112, MP114, and MP118 click here to download or here for the zipped file.

MP11x Provisioning pack zipped archived can be provided by request.

The MP124E uses its own firmware, click here to download it or here for the zipped file.