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How to Hard Reset a BPA Adapter


Resetting a BPA adapter.

Applies To

  • BPA adapters


To perform a hard reset of your 8x8 BPA adapter, you will need a paperclip or a tooth pick—something small and round that will fit into the reset button hole. The reset button is located on the back of the adapter, generally near the power cord port.

  1. Unplug the power cord from the back of the device.
  2. Insert the paperclip, toothpick or other appropriate object into the hole on the back of the adapter, then press and hold the reset button inside down.
  3. While still pressing the reset button, reconnect the power cord.
  4. Wait for the lights on the front of the adapter to start blinking in a pattern, cycling through every light. (This may take a few moments.)
  5. Release the reset button.
  6. Wait for the Link or Service light to become steady. (This make take a few minutes.)
  7. Once the Link or Service light has become steady, try making a test call to any telephone number.
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