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8x8 Support

How to Access the Web GUI for Cisco 8800 Series Phone


There will be times where you will need to access the web GUI of a Cisco 8800 Series phone to perform certain tasks.

Applies To

  • Cisco 8800 Series phone


To access the phones Web GUI follow the below steps.

  1. On the front of the phone press the Cog button to access the settings.
  2. Go to Network Configuration.
  3. Go to IPv4 address settings.
  4. Change the Connection Type so you can see Static IP.
  5. Take note of the Static IP address (this is what will be used to access the web GUI).
  6. On a PC/Laptop connected to the same network as the phones open up a web page and enter the following https://[IP address] in the URL bar at the top.
  7. Once you have access to the web GUI enter the login details making sure you log in as "Admin".

Note: To provision your phone, click here.

Capture Server


Please note: Do not do the following unless this has been advised by an 8x8 Support Agent.

  1. Once logged in go to Voice > Ext 1.
  2. Under SIP Settings change SIP Transport to UDP.
  3. Under Proxy and Registration add to the Outbound Proxy.
  4. Click Submit Changes.
  5. This will reboot your phone.
  6. When the phone has finished rebooting contact the support agent to check that the settings have taken place.
  7. To revert just remove the above settings.