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How to Set Up Cisco or Linksys SPA 122 ATA Adapter
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How to Set Up Cisco or Linksys SPA 122 ATA Adapter


Set up a Cisco/Linksys SPA 122 ATA adapter for 8x8 service. 

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  • Networks
  • Adapters
  • Account Manager


In order to complete provisioning of your Cisco/Linksys SPA 122 ATA adapter, you will need to:

  1. Ensure the computer you will use is set up for DHCP. (Unless you or a network/IT admin has manually configured your computer with a static IP address, this should typically be unnecessary.)
  2. Note the adapter's administrator password.
  3. Using a LAN/Ethernet cable, connect the computer to the yellow Ethernet (LAN) port of the SPA 122.
  4. Open Internet Explorer (IE is required to ensure the adapter's configuration page displays properly).
  5. Access the adapter's Web GUI by browsing to If this address does not work to access the web GUI:
    1. Connect an analog phone to the PHONE 1 port.
    2. Dial * * * *.
    3. When the IVR plays, dial 110 #. The WAN IP address will be read back to you.
    4. Note the IP address.
  6. Log in to the Web GUI
  7. Click Voice > Provisioning.
  8. Enter both of the following Profile Rule addresses:
  9. Click Submit.
  10. Disconnect your PC from the yellow Ethernet (LAN) port.
  11. Connect the SPA 122 to your router/switch using the blue Internet (WAN) port.
  12. Power-cycle your SPA 122 (remove it from its power source for at least a full minute, then power it back on).
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