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Manually Configuring the Wireless Profile on a Cisco SPA525G2 Phone
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Manually Configuring the Wireless Profile on a Cisco SPA525G2 Phone



The following procedure will manually configure the wireless profile on a Cisco SPA525G2. This may be needed if the phone fails to register when running the Wireless Setup Wizard. This can occur if the phone has a previously configured wireless profile.

Before you begin

  1. Verify encryption in the router (must exactly match what is configured on the router's wireless network):
    • SSID for the wireless voice profile (e.g., uc520-voice)
    • Password for the wireless voice profile (pre-shared WPA2/PSK key—must have 8 to 64 characters)
  2. Collect router Security Mode and Cipher Type information.
    • Security Mode: WPA PSK or WPA2 PSK
    • Cipher Type: TKIP or AES CCMP
  3. Ensure the Wi-Fi access point is set to broadcast in any/all of the following (Phone works on Wireless-G):
    • 802.11 mixed b/g/N
    • 802.11 mixed g/N
    • 802.11 g
  4. Try using easy connect button/PIN on supported routers.

To manually configure Wi-Fi settings

  1. On the phone, press Setup or Menu.
  2. Navigate to (8) Network Configuration. Make sure Wi-Fi is enabled (should have a blue check mark).
  3. Navigate to Wi-Fi Configuration > Wireless Profile. The current profile is shown.
  4. Delete the current profile:
    1. Press the Option softkey.
    2. Scroll to the Delete option, then press the Select softkey.
  5. When asked to confirm the profile deletion, select OK.
  6. Press the Option softkey again.
  7. Choose Add New, then press the Select softkey.
  8. Enter the following settings to create the wireless voice profile:
    • Security Mode: WPA2PSK (most likely) or WPAPSK (older routers).
    • Profile: Enter a descriptive name for the profile (e.g., “voice”).
    • SSID: Enter the wireless voice SSID exactly entered in the Wireless Setup Wizard (e.g., uc520-voice).
    • Cipher Type: TKIP (most likely) or AES CCMP.
    • WPA Shared Key: Enter the password for wireless security exactly as entered in the Wireless Setup Wizard.
  9. Press Save.
  10. Press Connect.
  11. If failed to connect to Wi-Fi, restart the phone.
  12. If phone still fails to connect to Wi-Fi, check Router's Wireless Settings and make sure it supports Wireless-G.
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