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8x8 Professional Audio Production - FAQ
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8x8 Professional Audio Production - FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions

How come there seems to be only one voice available?

After you select your Script option (ie. I have a script; I need help writing a script), you will be able to audition and select different voices from our extensive roster.

Who writes the script?

If you choose, "I need help writing my script" on the option page, a Script Consultant is assigned to your account who will work with you to develop an effective Message On Hold script ready for production.

How does Self-Service differ from custom?

With Self-Service Message On Hold programs, you submit studio-ready copy. If you have already written your script, choose "I have a script" for our affordable, self-service option. If you would like someone to write your script, choose "I need help writing my script" from the Message On Hold department, and one of our Script Consultants will help you develop your on hold content.

What will callers hear when they are placed on hold - the beginning of the program, or part of the loop?

The program plays continuously in a loop, so when callers are placed on hold, they will hear the part of the program currently looping. There are rare exceptions with VOiP phone systems that start the Message On Hold program from the beginning every time but it is far from the norm.

What if I wish to return equipment I've purchased?

All equipment purchased from the Audio Production Store may be returned within 30 days of purchase for a refund less shipping and 15% restocking fee.

What is a Voice Mail Greeting?

A Voice Mail Greeting is a single professionally produced greeting for your mobile or regular phone system voice mail.

Can I place an order from outside the continental United States?

If your order consists of audio files only that may be emailed or posted to our FTP site, contact for instructions on how to make a credit card purchase from outside continental United States. Paypal is also available for orders outside of the US. Due to shipping issues, the Audio Production Store is unable to process physical orders outside of the continental United States.

How much does it cost?

The minimum cost for any application appears in the Real-Time Quote box immediately and changes in real time as you change the parameters which can include voice talent category, word count, file count, music drops, and delivery time.

Will my audio files be delivered ready to implement?

Yes. The Audio Production Store sends all audio files through a diligent post-production process that checks for voice talent delivery, pronunciation, and pacing. During post-production any imperfections in the recording process including pops, breaths, etc. are removed.

Do you accept PayPal?

PayPal is accepted for orders outside the United States only.

How does Self-Service differ from custom?

Self-Service is less expensive since the customer is responsible for supplying a finished studio ready script, selecting their own voice talent from our talent roster and auditioning and choosing the background music from our extensive music library.

What if the voice talent mispronounces some of the words in my script?

We make every effort to communicate proper pronunciations to our voice over talent based on the copy (script) you submit. You are encouraged to provide specific pronunciations of proper nouns (names, products, etc.) In many cases, it is best to provide a direct phone number where our Script Consultants can contact you and confirm pronunciations verbally. For "common" words that have more than one particular pronunciation (eg: data, route), we encourage you to check the pronunciation guide provided on this site. Any errors that are our responsibility will be corrected at no additional charge.

Can I save an order for submission at a future time?

Yes, your order is automatically saved on your PC (in the same web browser,with cookies enabled) in the "My Projects" section of the store, for up to 90 days, or until you either delete all projects or make your purchase. When you return to the store, you can click "My Projects" on the top right, then make your purchase or make changes to your order and then purchase. Or exit again and it will be saved for another time.

Can I use my voice production for a Message On Hold application?

There is nothing that prohibits use of the voice production you purchase from our store for Message On Hold. However, as leaders in the Message On Hold industry, you may wish to speak to one of our Client Relations representatives for more information about our Message On Hold services, systems, and support, to make sure you have the best solution possible at the best price. Refer to the contact information at the bottom of the Store pages.

What if I don't like the way my voice production sounds?

We provide the best and most experienced voice talent in the industry, along with a rigid post-production process to insure the best possible sound for your specific application. The growth of our company and our reputation in the industry is based on us getting it right, time after time. You can depend on Holdcom, the company behind the Audio Production Store, to provide voice production of the highest quality.

When will I receive my files/production?

Unless otherwise noted, Online Store Orders for production of submitted studio ready copy (scripts) are fulfilled within 3 business days. Rush delivery is available for a limited number of voice over talents at an additional fee. "Business Days" are defined as Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM Eastern Time (1 PM to 9 PM UTC). Please note that orders placed after 3 PM Eastern Time (7 PM UTC) are considered the next business day.

How much does a voice production cost?

The minimum cost for any application appears in the Real-Time Quote box immediately and changes in real time as you change the parameters which can include voice talent category, word count, file count, music drops, and delivery time.

How can I compare pricing with different levels of Voice Talent or different versions of my copy?

Simply click the link for "Choose A Different Voice" in the voice section of your project page, find a voice you like and click "Select". You will instantly see a change on the right side of the page in the Real Time Quote box.

My credit card has been declined even though I know it should go through. What's the problem?

The most frequent problem is inputting the wrong billing address. The billing address must match the address where your credit card bills are mailed. Also, make sure you have input the credit card numbers correctly without spaces or hyphens, and confirm the date and CVC number. If you still experience difficulties, refer to the contact information at the bottom of the Store pages for further assistance.

Do you provide multilingual voice production?

We offer voice production and translation services in a wide range of languages and dialects. On our online store, you can order English, Spanish, or French voice productions. You can also order a bilingual production in English and Spanish or English and French. To receive a customized quote, refer to the contact information at the bottom of the Store pages.

How will my files be implemented?

Once produced, all files will be emailed to you. If you require files for a hosted PBX or VOiP, we can send the files directly to your phone vendor or technician for implementation.

VOICE PRODUCTION vs. MOH: What's the difference?

A Message On Hold program (MOH) plays to callers waiting on hold or in queue. It features recorded announcements (paragraphs) and music that plays in a continuous loop. All other project types, such as voice prompts for telephony, website audio, voice mail greetings and others, are considered "Voice Productions". While these projects can feature music in addition to voices, they are delivered as separate files and do not play in a loop.

Does the store accept debit cards?

The Audio Production Store can accept debit cards as long as they have the Visa or MasterCard logo on the card. When debit cards have this logo, they are processed like credit cards.

What if I want a Music Only Message On Hold Program?

Due to music licensing laws, the themes available on our online store cannot be sold without messaging. We recommend adding a message to your on hold programming as it is more engaging and efficient for your callers. If you want a music-only program, please contact us by using the links at the bottom of the page, or chat with us.

Do you provide translation services?

Yes, translation services are available at additional charges. For more information, refer to the contact information at the bottom of the Store pages, or chat with us.

Do you provide implementation of audio files on websites?

The Audio Production Store does not provide website implementation of audio files. With the range of platforms and programming languages now being utilized by webmasters, it is normally best left to a dedicated webmaster to implement audio at a particular website.

Do you provide remote downloading of files to automated attendants, voice mail, Answer Call, and other call processing equipment?

Remote downloading of voice prompt files is not included as part of the Audio Production Store services. However, if you require enhanced services such as remote downloading of voice prompts, refer to the contact information at the bottom of the Store pages.

Do you provide copywriting services?

All submitted scripts are reviewed by our Script Consultants prior to production to correct any obvious errors in grammar and syntax. When necessary, the revised script is emailed back to you prior to production to confirm revisions made. This service is performed at no additional charge. More extensive copywriting services are available for a fee. Copywriting services are included in our Custom Message On Hold programs. For more information, refer to the contact information at the bottom of the Store pages.

Can I stop or change my order once I've submitted it?

To guarantee three business day turnaround, your order goes into production immediately. Once you click submit, our team starts working on fulfillment, and the order cannot be cancelled.


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