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Does 8x8 Support 3rd party devices?
8x8 Support

Does 8x8 Support 3rd party devices?



Does 8x8 Support provide assistance for enabling and support any 3rd party devices purchased and used on the 8x8 Work or Contact Center platforms?


8x8 Support can assist with generating SIP credentials for 3rd party devices that are typically unsupported by the 8x8 system, however, 8x8 does not provide support in the activation or configuration of hardware devices.

If you would like assistance generating credentials please contact 8x8 support

Scope of Support 

While credentials can be provided to activate the device with 8x8 service, these devices are best effort, and have limited support. These devices are not guaranteed to work or be supported by 8x8. Additionally, 8x8 is not responsible for configuring and troubleshooting the device nor guarantee the device will operate or have full functionality.

In the event an issue arises with the device 8x8 will only verify that the SIP credentials in use are valid, and functional, by testing in house on a 3rd party device.