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What is the recommended firmware for 8x8 phones and analog adapters?


What firmware is recommended for 8x8 phones and analog adapters?

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  • Phone Settings
  • Firmware


The tables below list the latest certified and recommended firmware versions for devices used with 8x8. This list is actively updated as new firmware revisions are certified and released for general availability within 8x8. 

Newer updated firmware may work with the 8x8 system if used, however, if the firmware has not been certified for use there may be issues that 8x8 will be unable to solve without downgrading the affected devices to a firmware certified for use.

Recommended Firmware for 8x8 Phones

* 643b contains two different firmware versions. Firmware will be installed on new hardware and on legacy hardware. The phone will automatically install the correct firmware for the device during the upgrade process.

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