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Manually Upgrade a BPA 430 Adapter (Non-Windows)
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Manually Upgrade a BPA 430 Adapter (Non-Windows)

To manually upgrade your BPA 430 broadband phone adapter (non-Windows users)

  1. Download the Broadband Phone Adapter program file to a computer on the same physical network as your BPA 430 adapter.
  2. Plug your analog phone into the BPA 430 adapter's LINE 1 port.
  3. Lift the phone's handset, then use a pointed tip (such as a paper clip) to push the reset button on the back of the phone adapter once.
  4. Listen on the handset for the IP address of the phone adapter. Note the address.
  5. On the computer, open a web browser, enter the adapter's IP address, and press Enter.
  6. On the left side of the web page, click Download or Upgrade Firmware.
  7. In the Filename field, use the Browse button to find and select the BPA 430 Upgrade File you saved in Step 1.
  8. Click Start HTTP Download.
  9. Please wait approximately five minutes for the procedure to complete. In certain browsers, you may see status messages such as Booting into Downloader Mode or Performing Firmware Upgrade. Please wait. On completion, you will see the message Download Successful.
  10. On the web page, click the Restart Main Application button.

Note: If you are using a Windows 2000/XP PC as your router, the Broadband Phone Adapter will get a new IP address upon booting into the downloader. Use the arp -a command from Start > Run > CMD to find out what the new IP address is and repeat the manual process above.

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