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How to Pair a Cordless Handset to the Aastra 6757i CT Base
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How to Pair a Cordless Handset to the Aastra 6757i CT Base


To pair a cordless handset to the base of 6757i CT Aastra, press options and select preferences on 6757i CT base unit. Learn more here.


Pairing a cordless handset to the base of an Aastra 6757i phone.

Applies To

Aastra 6757i cordless phones


All handsets must be paired to a base station. This is performed from both the base and the cordless handset. Successful pairing adds the handset name to the handset list on the base and synchronizes the handset list from the base to the newly paired handset.

A total of four handsets can be paired to a single 6757i CT base.

Before You Begin

Ensure the handset being paired is within three feet of the 6757i CT base.

To pair an Aastra 6757i CT cordless handset to a base

  1. On the 6757i CT base unit, press Options.
  2. Select Preferences.
  3. Select Handset Pairing.
  4. Select Pair.
    Note: If there are already four handsets paired to the base, the Pair option is not available as the maximum number of pairings for the base has been reached.
  5. On the 6757i CT cordless handset press Â.
  6. If possible, perform the following at the same time (or immediately one after the other):
    1. On the handset, select Hset Pairing.
    2. On the base, select Done.
  7. On the handset, press the softkey for Pair.

Upon successful pairing, both the handset and base should display the message: Pairing successful.

Otherwise, you will see an error: Pairing failed. Try again. Please re-attempt pairing from the beginning.

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