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8x8 Poly Provisioning Tool




The 8x8 Poly Provisioning Tool allows you to easily re-provision third-party Poly IP phones in bulk for use on 8x8 service. This procedure requires manually resetting phones to factory defaults. Please consult your device's documentation to complete this step. If you are provisioning a single Poly IP phone, see Reusing Poly Phones with 8x8 Service.


  • A computer running Windows.
  • Poly IP phones with firmware UC 4.0 to firmware 5.6xxxx. 

This tool is not compatible with firmware 5.6xxxx and above.


  1. Plug the phones into your network.
  2. On a Windows computer on the same LAN as the IP phones, download the Poly Provisioning Tool software.
  3. Run the application.
  4. Manually factory reset phones and reboot.

If the provisioning is successful, the IP phone details will appear in the application display. After rebooting, the phones should point to 8x8.

Note: After the phones have been factory reset, the password for the phones returns to the factory default password. For more information, see What is the administrator password for my phone or adapter?

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