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Configuring Poly Phones for Voice VLAN


Configuring Poly phones for use with VLAN.

Applies To

  • Poly phones
  • VLAN


Configuring Switch Port in Trunk Mode

If you want to connect the PC to the phone's internal switch, you will have to configure the switch port in trunk mode. The default VLAN should be the data-VLAN. By doing this, the PC will automatically start in the correct VLAN. The phone will have to be put in its VLAN in another way. This can be done manually, by using CDP/LLDP or by using a DHCP option.

Manually Setting VLAN

If you decide to do set the VLAN manually, you will have to specify the VLAN ID in each phone at the first boot. This is strongly discouraged.

Configuring Voice VLAN Using CDP

If your switch supports CDP or LLDP, you could configure the phone to use the correct VLAN with this protocol. You will need to define which VLAN is the voice VLAN on your switch. The switch will discover the type of device and will put it in the correct VLAN. This is the preferred way, but keep in mind that, in case of problems, tracing and debugging is necessary on the switch (which cannot be done by 8x8).

Configuring Voice VLAN Using DHCP Option 144

When booting the phone, enter the menu and verify the following options are set and that these options are factory defaults.

  • DHCP Client: Enabled
  • DHCP Menu:
    • Timeout: 3
    • Boot Server: Custom+Opt. 66
    • BootSrv Opt: 160
    • BootSrv Type: String
    • VLAN Disc: Fixed
    • VLAN Disc Opt: 129
  • Ethernet Menu:
    • CDP: Enabled
    • VLAN Id:
    • VLAN Filtering: Disabled

When VLAN Disc is set to Fixed, the phone will examine DHCP options 128, 144, 157, and 191* (in that order) for a valid DVD string. When set to Custom or Fixed, the value set in VLAN ID Option will be examined for a valid DVD string.

The DVD string in the DHCP option must meet the following conditions to be valid:

  • Must start with "VLAN-A=" (case-sensitive)
  • The string must be terminated by a ';'
  • There must be no white space before the ';'
  • For example: The following DVD strings will result in the phone using VLAN 10
    • VLAN-A=10;

CDP must be disabled on the phone and/or switch if your switch supports CDP.

*DHCP Options are based on RFC 3942 and RFC 4361.

Configuring for Microsoft Windows DHCP Servers

On Microsoft Windows, you will have to define new options.

  1. Browse to the DHCP configuration window, right-click your server and click Set Predefined Options.
    Microsoft Windows Server DHCP.jpg
  2. A new window will open. Click Add.
    Microsoft Windows Server Add DHCP Option.jpg
  3. Enter a Name for the option and select the Data Type (string, IP address, byte, etc.).
    Microsoft Windows DHCP Description.jpg
  4. Repeat these steps to add all necessary options for your installation. When you have defined the options, you can add them in your scope.
    Microsoft Windows Server Configure Options.jpg
  5. Option 66 was already predefined. Enter the IP address of the sop.
  6. You will notice that your own defined options are now available to pick from. Configure all necessary options with their appropriate value.
    Microsoft Windows Server String Value.jpg
  7. To be sure, you can deactivate and reactivate the scope to make sure changes are applied.
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