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Footlocker - Polycom DECT D230 Devices showing wrong time zone in EMEA Sites


To correct the time showing on Poly D230 for Footlocker EMEA devices. 

Applies To

  • EMEA Footlocker sites only
  • Polycom DECT D230 Devices


  1. Log into Footlocker Admin Console and find the needed user profile for the affected site
  2. Edit the profile > Basic information > Time Zone
  3. Change the time zone to "Etc/GMT+/-X" 
  4. Save the profile 
  5. Contact the site required and reboot the devices 
  6. Main and secondary handsets will show the correct time

Additional Information

Please understand that the account will be using "GMT" and be wary of the current clock format across Europe for daylight saving, such as British Summer time (BST). Where the above might be required to be "Etc/GMT+2" for most European sites during daylight saving. 

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