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My third Party Polycom phone is asking me to Sign in


After completing activation on your third-party (non-8x8) Polycom VVX phone, the screen shows Line Unregistered error and "Sign in" in the menu options.







Applies to:

Polycom VVX series phone devices


Change the Base Profile on the Deskphone 

To manually change the Base Profile to Generic on the deskphone 


  1. Exit the initial sign in prompt.
  2. Go to Settings > Advanced. Use 456 as your password. (If this default password does not work, you can find your phone administrator password at: Admin Console > Devices > *Locate device model in question* > View Device Model)
  3. Select Administration Settings. 
  4. Go to Network Configuration Base Profile
  5. Press Edit to change the Base Profile to Generic.
  6. Press back, and then select Save Config. Your phone should reboot automatically.


Polycom VVX phones not provided by 8x8 are sometimes configured with the Lync Base Profile selected, instead of the Generic Base Profile. This prevents the phone from registering with 8x8 services.

Additional information: 

If the above steps do not resolve your issue, please raise a case with 8x8 Technical support.

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