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Polycom Deactivate Device Error in 8x8 Admin Console


Device one active not show Line Unregistered -  Device cannot be deactivated. 8x8 Admin Console shows the following error:

CM Error - crop.jpg

Applies To

  • 8x8 Admin Console
  • Polycom Devices in 8x8 Admin Console

This only applies for X Series only. It does not apply to Legacy/Editions (Account Manager) users.


There is a workaround for removing the device from the extension by doing the following:

  • Change the device model
  • Opt for "Use Activation" code
  • Save - the system might show an error but it will remove the model and the MAC ID
  • Re-add the actual device model and add MAC ID - power cycle the device


The device goes Line Unregistered due to network interruption or device activation error.

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