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How to upgrade firmware on Polycom VVX D230 DECT IP Phone
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How to upgrade firmware on Polycom VVX D230 DECT IP Phone



How to upgrade the firmware on Polycom VVX D230 DECT IP Phone via Web GUI

Applies To

  • Polycom VVX D230 DECT IP Phone 


You can update the firmware for your handset from the native web page. The firmware file must be stored locally on a computer that you can access with a web browser. To acquire the IP Address of the unit via any paired Handset, on the Handset main menu, go to Settings > Basestation Info under IP Address:”.

Use the IP address and type in any browser tab: http:// followed by the IP address .com which will bring you to the web interface of that base.

In the Web interface:

  1.  Select the System Management – Device Update menu on the side panel of the web page.
  2.  Click the Browse button in the Firmware Update section of the page. In a file browser window, select the firmware file.
  3.  Click the Update button to start the upgrade process. The process takes about 30 seconds to complete.
  4. A series of Firmware files can be found on the Polycom Support webpage

Note: Don’t disconnect the power from the device during this procedure. If the new firmware is upgraded successfully, the device reboots automatically to start running the new firmware. Otherwise, the web page shows an error message explaining why the upgrade failed.

Possible error messages..PNG


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