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How to Manually Provision a Polycom Device
8x8 Support

How to Manually Provision a Polycom Device


To manually provision a Polycom device.

Applies To

  • Polycom Devices 


Before You Begin!

Make sure the phone is on a supported firmware version. VVX phones on firmware lower than 4.1.6, and SoundPoint IP phones on firmware lower than 4.0.8 will not come online and will display Line Unregistered when provisioned to 8x8. These devices will need to have the firmware upgraded.

These steps are generally intended for reusing Polycom phones with 8x8 service. You can reuse existing Polycom phones with 8x8 service as long as they are a supported model with a valid factory-installed device certificate.

It's crucial that Polycom certificates are factory-installed and not added later. Self-signed certificates are not supported. 8x8 supports only the Polycom phone models listed here. If you are not sure which phone model you have, please check the underside of the phone. The model number is listed on the label on the bottom of the phone.

Accommodation of devices not purchased from or originally provisioned for service by 8x8 is on a commercially reasonable effort basis. These devices are not guaranteed to be supported on 8x8 service.

Reset Phone to Factory Defaults 

  1. On the phone, press the Menu key.
  2. Select the Settings option.
  3. Select the Advanced option.
  4. Enter the password 456 and press the Enter softkey.

    If 456 does not work, please see this article on how to obtain the phone's Administrator Password.

  5. Select Admin Settings.
  6. Select Restore to Defaults.

Provision Phone into Production 

  1. Check the phone's firmware version by going to Menu > Status > Platform > Application > Main. You will need to reference this information in Step 7.
  2. Power cycle the phone.
  3. Quickly press the Setup softkey as soon as it appears.
  4. Enter password 456.
  5. Select Provisioning Server (Server Menu on old firmware).
  6. Change Server Type to HTTPS.
  7. Change Server Address to the correct address for your phone (depending on firmware version):
    • UC4.0+:
  8. Exit Server Menu.
  9. Select the SNTP Address.
  10. Enter:
  11. Select Exit, then select Save & Reboot.
  12. Allow several minutes for the phone to reboot and connect to the 8x8 servers. When rebooting is complete, continue on to activate your phone.