Just getting started with your new VoIP phone? Activation is a snap! Follow the instructions or watch the video below.

You’ll need:

  • The phone(s) you’ll be activating.
  • The email with your activation code(s).

If you have not received an extension welcome email or do not have these credentials, speak to your phone system administrator to have them created or assigned, or to have the email re-sent.

If you have simply forgotten your password, you can reset it easily via the 8x8 Virtual Office login page.

Note: If you are activating a Polycom phone previously used with another service, please consult the guide to Reusing Polycom Phones with 8x8 Service.


To activate your phone:

  1. Connect the phone to your ethernet connection using the provided ethernet cable. (If your network does not feature power over ethernet, be sure to also connect and plug in the power adaptor.)
  2. Your phone will automatically power up and display Activate on the screen.
  3. Pick up the handset (or turn on the speakerphone).
  4. Following the voice prompts, enter the phone activation code provided in the 8x8 email that includes your Virtual Office extension username and password. (If you no longer have this email or cannot find it, you can ask your system administrator to resend it.)

For additional instructions, refer to the Quickstart Guide that came with your phone or the online 8x8 Equipment Matrix.