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8x8 Express FAQ

8x8 Express Overview

  • 8x8 Express is a 100% self-implemented service offering that is part of the X Series set of services.
  • 8x8 Express users can manage their settings and add new licenses and devices when logged into the Manager Express admin portal: 
  • Need help setting your account? No problem! Self-help content is located at
  • Need further assistance? Free self-paced modules are available at


What features and services are included with 8x8 Express?

  • Unlimited domestic calling. *The US version supports unmetered calling to numbers in the US and Canada. The UK version supports unmetered calling to standard-rate landline and mobile numbers in the UKInternational dialing beyond this is not included and may not be enabled.
  • HD Voice Quality
  • Voicemail, Click-to-Dial, and Music on Hold
  • One Ring Group
  • One Auto Attendant
  • Mobile and Desktop Apps
  • One-on-One and Team Messaging
  • G-Suite and Office 365/Outlook Integrations
  • Audio and Video Conferencing (up to 100 participants per meeting with unlimited duration)  
  • 8x8 Manager Express admin portal
  • Service Cloud Community portal for billing and online shopping only (temporary)

8x8 Express Services are sold as packaged above.

To add, modify, or upgrade features and services, contact 8x8 Sales.


UK Express: While the UK Express plan doesn't include the dial plans below, they are available for purchase by upgrading your plan. Contact 8x8 Sales for additional information.










+44871 (added subsequently)





Can I sign up for the 8x8 Express service using a personal email address?

No. You must use a work email address. Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc., will not be accepted by the sign-up form.

Can 8x8 Express users port numbers into 8x8?


Is 8x8 Express available globally?

8x8 Express is only available in the US and the UK.

What kind of contract do 8x8 Express users have?

8x8 Express users are on a month-to-month contract. The first month of service is free.

How does an 8x8 Express user sign up for service?

The 8x8 Express sign-up page is found here.

What is 8x8 Manager Express?

8x8 Manager Express is the administrative portal for 8x8 Express admins. This is where they set up users, configure extensions, activate devices, set up call flow, etc. It is similar to the 8x8 Admin Console for X Series, but with fewer features.

Do 8x8 Express users have access to 8x8 Meet?

Yes. 8x8 Express users have the 8x8 Meet service.

What kind of Implementation is available for 8x8 Express users?Edit section

8x8 Express is entirely self-service. There is no assisted implementation included or access to live support.

Is there a limit on how many lines can be purchased through the 8x8 Express self-service portal?

There is no limit on how many lines of service an 8x8 Express user can purchase through the self-service portal.

Can I send Business SMS/MMS with 8x8 Express service?

As of November 1, 2022, 8x8 Express licenses are no longer able to send Business SMS and MMS. If you're interested in using Business SMS/MMS with your 8x8 service, please click here to learn more.

Can 8x8 Express users upgrade to X Series?

If an 8x8 Express user wants to upgrade to X Series, they should contact 8x8 Sales.

What is the cancellation process for 8x8 Express users?

8x8 Express users have a self-cancel button built-in, which will initiate the cancellation process automatically in Service Cloud. No ETFs (Early Termination Fees) will be collected as these users are month-to-month.

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