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8x8 Express: How do I add licenses?
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8x8 Express: How do I add licenses?


This article will show you how to add licenses to your 8x8 Express account. 

Applies To

  • 8x8 Express


  1. Log into In 8x8 Manager Express.
  2. From the navigation menu, click Billing information. It launches the 8x8 Billing and ordering portal.
    2019-07-16 14_59_29-BillingStatementsPage.png
  3. Click Shop. 
  4. To add a license, Click Add to Cart. 
    2019-07-16 15_03_02-ShoppingCart.png
  5. In the checkout page, update the quantity of licenses as desired.
    2019-07-16 15_06_24-ShoppingCart.png
  6. Select a service location. 
  7. Select a payment method. 
  8. Click Estimate taxes and fees.
  9. Click Continue.
  10. At the prompt, review the agreement terms and conditions. Click Agree and buy.
  11. Your order will go through a processing screen and once it's confirmed, you will see the following message:
    2019-07-16 15_12_45-Window.png
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