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8x8 Express: How do I order new phones?
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8x8 Express: How do I order new phones?


This article will show you how to purchase new phones for your 8x8 Express account.

Applies To

  • 8x8 Express


  1. Log into In 8x8 Manager Express.
  2. From the navigation menu, click Billing information. It launches the 8x8 Billing and ordering portal.
    2019-07-16 14_59_29-BillingStatementsPage.png
  3. Click Shop. 
  4. Click Phones. 
    2019-07-16 15_18_23-ShoppingCart.png
  5. Click Add to Cart on the card of the phone you would like to purchase. 
    2019-07-16 15_20_26-ShoppingCart.png
  6. If you want to purchase more of a particular phone, use the text box to update the quantity. 
  7. Select a service location. 
  8. Select a payment method. 
  9. Click Calculate Shipping and taxes.
  10. Select a shipping method.
    2019-07-16 15_25_15-ShoppingCart.png
  11. Click Continue.
  12. At the prompt, review the agreement terms and conditions. Click Agree and buy.
  13. Your order will go through a processing screen and once it's confirmed, you will see the following message:
    2019-07-16 15_12_45-Window.png
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