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8x8 Express: How do I set up Sameroom?
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8x8 Express: How do I set up Sameroom?


Sameroom and 8x8 Team Messaging

Sameroom allows you to connect public 8x8 Work rooms, so that a message posted in one room immediately appears in another connected public room (or rooms).

Account Manager service accounts are incompatible with 8x8 Team Messaging (Sameroom), so they cannot be provisioned.

8x8 is working diligently to migrate all Account Manager customers to the newer Admin Console platform.

To have Sameroom enabled for 8x8 Team Messaging:

  1. Create a case and ask us to enable Sameroom for your 8x8 organization. Please provide the email address or login name that you use to log into 8x8 Work.

Note: Sameroom in Team Messaging works only in public rooms in 8x8 Work. Private 8x8 Work rooms are not supported.

Once you've been notified that Sameroom has been enabled:

You can create portals and tubes to begin communicating between rooms.

  • Portals are URLs that you use to make connections (Tubes) between different public rooms.
  • Tubes are the actual authenticated connections between public rooms.
  • You can have multiple portals, which allows you to connect tubes between different sets of VO rooms, as needed.
  • Note that Private rooms are not supported.
  1. Log in to either Work Desktop or Work Mobile to complete this process.
  2. Create a portal. Type @Sameroom portal in a public 8x8 Work room, and copy the supplied unique URL for future reference.
  3. Now type @Sameroom connect <Portal URL> in another public room to create a tube between your original room (where you received the portal URL) and the other public 8x8 Work room.
Important: You must use @Sameroom commands in your 8x8 Work rooms, not -sameroom.

Additional Information

For more information about Sameroom, see Sameroom: Common Questions and Answers.