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How to Use Tel Protocol with Virtual Office Desktop in 8x8 Express
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How to Use Tel Protocol with Virtual Office Desktop in 8x8 Express


This article describes how to associate the tel protocol in your computer's operating system to the 8x8 Work Desktop application, for initiating clicked outbound calls in web browser pages which support the tel protocol.

Note that not all web sites support specific protocols like tel, so your click-to-dial experience may vary from site to site.

Applies To

  • 8x8 Work Desktop


  1. In the address bar of a web browser window, enter tel:// followed by the phone number you wish to dial.
    • Example: tel://15558675309
  2. If the tel protocol is not already assigned to an application, you will be prompted to select an application to place the call. To dial with Work Desktop, select the application and click Open Link.
    • To make Work Desktop your default application for the tel protocol, check the box Remember my choice for tel links before clicking Open link.

VOD Tel Protocol.jpg

  1. To set up Work Desktop as the default app for tel protocol dialing:
    • Windows:
      1. Settings > Apps > Default Apps.
      2. Select Choose default apps by protocol.
      3. Under TEL URL:tel, click on the current entry (blank or another assigned application) and select 8x8 Work.


  • Mac:
    1. FaceTime > Preferences > Settings tab.
    2. Choose 8x8 Work Desktop on the Default for calls dropdown.

Additional Information

By default, 8x8 Work Desktop will assign itself to handle the tel protocol every time it is launched. Skype for Business also does this.

If you use both applications, and you need Work Desktop to respond to clicked phone numbers that are associated with the tel protocol, launch Skype first and then Work Desktop.