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Call Queues on Fuze Mobile


Sign in or out of a call queue, or pause a call queue on the Fuze Mobile app.

Applies To

  • Fuze Mobile


If your organization uses Fuze Voice services for your call center, call center agents can access call queue features directly within Fuze Mobile.

Sign In to a Queue

You can sign in to individual queues, or you can sign in to all queues at once.

To sign in to queues:

  1. Tap the calling icon in the bottom menu.
  2. Tap the right arrow icon in the top Queues section to view your available queues.
    Fuze Mobile Call Queues01.png
  3. On the Queues screen (shown below) tap the Sign In button next to a queue to sign in to that queue.
    Fuze Mobile Call Queues02.png
    • Tapping Search in the top right of this screen will allow you to search through all queues you are assigned to. 
    • To sign in to multiple queues at once, tap the Batch Sign In button, tap to select the desired queues, then tap the Sign in to X queues button.
      Fuze Mobile Call Queues03.png
  4. Select the device to Receive queue calls with.
    Fuze Mobile Call Queues04.png
  5. Once signed into the queue, your selected device will be displayed along with the number of Active agents in the queue.
    Fuze Mobile Call Queues05.png

Pausing In a Queue

To pause in all queues:

  • Tap the Pause All button on the Queues screen, select your pause reason from the list, then tap the Pause All Queues button.
Fuze Mobile Call Queues06.png Fuze Mobile Call Queues07.png

To pause in a single queue:

  • Tap the name of the queue, then tap the Pause button. Choose your pause reason, then tap the Pause Queues button.
Fuze Mobile Call Queues06.png Fuze Mobile Call Queues08.png Fuze Mobile Call Queues07.png

To resume queue calls:

  • On the Queues screen, tap the Resume All button, or tap an individual queue name then tap the Resume butto
Fuze Mobile Call Queues09.png Fuze Mobile Call Queues10.png

Signing Out of Queues

To sign out of all queues:

  • On the Queues screen, tap the More button, then tap Sign out all queues.
Fuze Mobile Call Queues11.png Fuze Mobile Call Queues12.png

To sign out of a single queue:

  • On the Queues screen, tap the queue name, then tap the Sign Out button.
    Fuze Mobile Call Queues13.png

Note: You can still view and access all queue information even when signed out.

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