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Create a New Message in Fuze Mobile


Create a new chat message on the Fuze Mobile app.

Applies To

  • Fuze Mobile
  • Chat


To create a new message to people or groups:

  1. Tap the compose icon.
    Fuze Mobile Create Message1.png
    The Compose screen appears, as shown below.
    Fuze Mobile Create Message2.png
  2. Enter a contact by name, phone number, or extension, and then tap their name. If you want to add more contacts, tap in the TO: field and enter and tap the person’s name to add them to the list of recipients.
    Repeat this step for as many contacts as you want to add.
  3. (Optional) If you want to name the group, you can give the group a name by tapping Name this Group and entering a name.
  4. Compose and send your message.

If you want to message both a contact and a group, you need to add the person to the group. For additional information, refer to Create a Group.

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