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Format Text in Fuze Mobile Chat


Format text in chat on the Fuze Mobile app.

Applies To

  • Fuze Mobile
  • Chat


Want to emphasize an important point or make it clearer when you’ve edited a message? Along with mentions, file sharing, and emoji, you can apply formatting to text in chat messages, including bold, italics, strikethrough, quoting, preformatted, and code using formatting characters, or markdown syntax.

Additionally, you can view an in-app guide that shows how to format text. This guide appears above the message field as you type, and automatically hides when you are not typing a message. 

Fuze Mobile Format Text1.png

You can also apply formatting to selected words or phrases via the More Options section of the long press menu. 

Fuze Mobile Format Text2.png

The following table provides an overview of the formatting features that are available in Chat. 

Formatting Characters



*sample text*


Wrap text with underscores: 

_sample text_


Start and finish text with tildes: 

~sample text~

Quoted text allows you to call attention to a specific sample of writing or a quote by indenting and adding a left border to the text.

Fuze Mobile Format Text3.png

Begin text with an angle bracket ("greater than" symbol):

>sample text

Preformatted text blocks preserve any spacing or line breaks exactly as entered.

Fuze Mobile Format Text4.png

Wrap text in three single quotation marks:

'''sample text'''

Code format allows you to send a block of code in plain text with an alternate font color and gray background. Similar to preformatted text, this format also preserves any spacing or line breaks exactly as entered.

Fuze Mobile Format Text5.png

Wrap text in single quotation marks:

'sample text'

If you are using a tablet that is connected to keyboard hardware, then you can also use keyboard commands to format text. 

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