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Managing and Deactivating Guests


Manage and deactivate guest users on Fuze Mobile.

Applies To

  • Fuze Mobile
  • Guest Users


You can view and manage guests you’ve invited in the Guests section of the Settings screen of Fuze Desktop or Fuze Web.

You cannot manage guests via Fuze Mobile at this time.

You can manage Fuze guests in the following ways:

  • Managing Guests
  • Deactivating Guests
  • Deactivated Guests

Managing Guests

The Guests section includes a list of active and invited guests. It also includes a list of guests you’ve deactivated. You can view guest details such as name, email address, company, role, and their activation status.

Fuze Mobile Managing Guests1.png

You can perform the following actions for guests:

Fuze Mobile Managing Guests2.png Deactivate a guest.
Fuze Mobile Managing Guests3.png Resend an invitation email to an invited guest.
Fuze Mobile Managing Guests4.png Reactivate and send an invite to a deactivated guest.

Deactivating Guests

Guests can be deactivated by anyone from whom they’ve accepted an invite. Administrators can also view and deactivate any guest at your organization in Fuze Hub.

You cannot deactivate guests from Fuze Mobile at this time.

To deactivate a guest:

  1. Open the Profile menu and select Settings. The Settings screen appears.
  2. Navigate to the Guests section.
  3. In the Invited & Active guest list, click the X to the right of the row associated with the guest. The guest is deactivated and can no longer log in to Fuze.

Deactivated Guests

Guests you’ve deactivated are removed from all groups and chat conversations.

Deactivated guests cannot:

  • View or access any conversations they were part of with people at your organization
  • Chat with others in your organization
  • Join private groups or chat with members of those groups

Deactivated guests can join meetings and conference calls if invited by someone at your organization. Additionally, you or someone else at your organization can re-invite deactivated guests at any time.

Additional Information

Looking for information on inviting guests on Fuze Mobile? Refer to Invite Guests on Fuze Mobile.

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