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AppNeta Services Shutdown


For Fuze customers with AppNeta hardware, AppNeta devices will reach end-of-sale (EOS) and end-of-life (EOL) on June 14, 2023. No action is required, and there is no impact on services as a result of this change.

Applies To

Fuze customers with AppNeta hardware (including but not limited to the following models):

  • M35
  • M50

Fuze AppNeta EOL.jpgFuze AppNeta EOL Device.jpg


AppNeta is a 3rd party network monitoring device that sits on your network to provide diagnostic data. These legacy devices are no longer efficient. 8x8 leverages an in-house network utility, so there is no impact on 8x8 Support or Deployment teams.

Admin Action Required

IT teams may wish to disconnect and recycle the device as e-waste. Additionally, we recommend notifying Admins or IT professionals with access to the AppNeta Portal (used to view diagnostic data) that it will stop working as of the EOL date.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is AppNeta?

AppNeta is a 3rd party network monitoring device that sits on your network to provide diagnostic and troubleshooting data.

Why is this service ending?

The AppNeta service will be both End of Life and End of Sale, as the devices are no longer viable for diagnostic troubleshooting.

When will this happen?

The AppNeta service will be disabled on June 14, 2023.

What exactly is going to happen?

Customers will lose access to the AppNeta portal.

Will this affect the rest of my services?

This will not affect your other services in any way.

Is there an alternate service available?

Customers who prefer additional diagnostic functionality can evaluate alternative network diagnostic tools available on the market (optional). Customers interested in upgrading from legacy Fuze to 8x8 can take advantage of 8x8’s Network Utility Tool at no cost.

What should I do with AppNeta hardware? Do I need to return it?

There is no need to return AppNeta devices. Instead, we encourage recycling these devices as e-waste.

Will this affect my bill?

Any monthly fees (where applicable) for this feature will stop billing as of the end-of-life date. For customers who have prepaid, prepayments apply to overage charges throughout the year, therefore no credits or adjustments are needed.

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