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Fuze Recent and Favorites Lists


Using the Recent and Favorites lists in Fuze Desktop.

Applies To

  • Fuze Desktop


All of your group and one-on-one conversations are organized in the conversations pane on the left-hand side of the Fuze interface. They are categorized into Recent and Favorite conversations.

Recent List

Your Recent list is a running record of all calls and chat conversations that you’ve joined, with the most-recent calls or chats listed at the top. Whether it's with other people at your organization, groups, guests, and even external calls, all of your communications are available in one convenient location.


Additionally, you can access the Settings menu for any conversation in your Recent list to perform any of the following actions:

  • Add the conversation to your Favorites list
  • Hide the conversation or phone number so that it is removed from the Recent list
  • Mute notifications for the conversation
  • Start a video call with the person or group
  • Start a call with a number
  • Associate phone numbers from calls with new or existing contacts

When you hide a conversation in your Recent list, you cannot unhide the conversation. You must search for the contact, group, or message in the Search screen and send a message in that conversation to add that conversation to your Recent list again.

Favorites List

Do you have a few contacts, groups, or conversations you need to keep at your fingertips?

Add them to your Favorites list so that they are easy to access whenever you need them. Simply right-click a person or group in your Recent list, and then select Favorite to add them to your Favorites list.


To remove a contact or group from the Favorites list, right-click the contact or group and select Unfavorite.

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