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Fuze Setup Checklist


Walking through the setup checklist for Fuze Desktop.

Applies To

  • Fuze Desktop


When you open Fuze for the first time, look for the assisted setup process. This is a brief checklist of steps to help you get up and running quickly. If you are looking to test your Fuze setup, refer to Fuze Checkup for additional information.

The steps included in the Setup Checklist are as follows:

  • Make a test call - Ensure your audio and phone connection are functioning properly.
  • Choose your phone - Configure your preferred phone device (Fuze uses this device for phone calls by default).
  • Add a picture - Add a profile picture to help other people recognize you.
  • Get connected - Import your calendar and contacts from your Google or Office 365 accounts.
  • Set up voicemail - Record the greeting message for your voicemail.


The assisted setup process is optional, but we recommend completing it the first time you use Fuze. It takes just a few moments to complete, and having the basics configured enhances your experience.

To revisit the Setup Checklist after your initial sign-in, click Get Set Up in the Help menu.


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