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Upgrading from Legacy Fuze to the 8x8 Platform


Learn how to seamlessly upgrade from our legacy Fuze platform to the enhanced 8x8 experience without any additional cost or disruption to your subscription renewal dates.


Benefits of Upgrading

  • Key feature parity
  • Combined Unified Communications and Contact Center platform
  • Free calling plans for 48 countries
  • Enhanced Receptionist interface called Frontdesk
  • Additional features like call analytics, virtual backgrounds, polls for video meetings, and voicemail transcripts.
    Fuze and 8x8 Comparison.png


Upgrade Process


The upgrade process is simple and straightforward, and can be completed in a few steps:clipboard_ee0fafb50782e29788d1d8ceddee3ea3f.png

Let’s dive into each stage of the process in more detail.


1. Demo Videos

Watch side-by-side comparison and Deployment Experience videos to get an overview of the transition process. 

User Experience

(10 minutes)

Admin Experience

(​​​​​​​10 minutes)

Analytics Experience

(​​​​​​​10 minutes)

Deployment Experience

(​​​​​​​4 minutes)


Note: For more complex engagements (e.g., hundreds of sites with thousands of users), you may be more comfortable with a custom demo and live Q&A. Feel free to email to coordinate a session with a Professional Services Engineer.


2. Discovery & Design

Learn more about the deployment methodology to ensure a seamless transition.

  • Ready to Upgrade:
    Fill out the Upgrade Request Form. We’ll connect you with one of our Professional Services Consultants to schedule a scope and discovery meeting and create a design document for your review (typical response time: 2-3 business days).
  • Discovery & Design Session: Understand the deployment methodology and schedule a scope and discovery meeting with our Professional Services Consultants. This session will review your existing build, call flow configurations, IVRs, call queues, ring groups, hardware compatibility, licensing permissions, and optional cost add-ons.
  • Paperwork: Once the design is approved, we will handle the paperwork, including a contract amendment, order pricing for equivalent 8x8 services, and a detailed Statement of Work outlining your deployment plan.


3. Build & Deploy

Upon signing the required documents, our team will take care of the build on the 8x8 platform. This includes finalizing configurations, conducting testing, coordinating training, and preparing for the go-live phase. After go-live, you will continue to receive support from our dedicated Support team.



Is there a cost to upgrade?

Unless you’re exploring adding additional services as part of the transition, there is no additional cost to upgrade - and your subscription renewal dates can remain the same.


What paperwork can I expect when upgrading?

You'll receive an amendment to your existing Fuze Master Services Agreement addressing certain differences between the platforms and their related commercial terms, an order pricing the equivalent 8x8 services (quantity and pricing) and a statement of work that details the deployment process.


How will the price per service be determined on the 8x8 invoice?

8x8 will price out the related 8x8 SKUs and apply pricing that maintains pricing parity with your existing Fuze agreement.


How will the upgrade impact my billing?

Upon signing the 8x8 amendment, billing will stop on the Fuze side and start on the 8x8 side. Any remaining Fuze services will be billed as comparable 8x8 services. Since pricing and terms match, no impact or adjustments are needed for pre-existing prepayments. 8x8 supports billing in


In which currency will my 8x8 invoice be billed?

When placing your 8x8 order, you have the option to select your local currency from a range of options, including USD, AUD, CAD, GBP, EUR, and NZD. Please note that only one currency can be chosen, as multi-currency billing on a single invoice is not yet available.


Will my subscription renewal dates change?

Renewal dates generally remain the same. 8x8 does not support month-to-month subscriptions; therefore, renewal dates for existing month-to-month agreements will require a change.


Can we explore options to lower my subscription during the upgrade process?

While pricing reductions align with your current renewal date, let's discuss possible alternative solutions that can offer added value at present. In order to find the best solution for your needs, let's schedule some time to discuss the following:

  • What was the initial issue that led you to choose 8x8?
  • What factors are currently driving your desire to reduce subscription costs?
  • What specific features or benefits are you seeking in the new subscription?
  • What are your budget requirements?

By providing this information, we can better understand your needs and work towards finding a suitable solution.


Will 8x8 invoices include billing by cost centers?

8x8 Administrators can create cost centers in the 8x8 Application Panel. See the Cost Centers Knowledge Base article for additional instructions.


*For larger deployments with hundreds of cost centers, your 8x8 deployment consultant will coordinate a collaboration session with 8x8 Finance as part of the deployment planning. This session will cover how to design cost centers, review the design process and address any open questions.


What training options are available for 8x8 users?

  • Free: Quick Tutorials (great for tech-savvy audiences)
  • Free: Self-Paced eLearning (more in-depth)
  • Paid: Customized eLearning (modified course)
  • Paid: Online Sessions (join public sessions)
  • Paid: Private Online Sessions (modify the agenda)
  • Paid: Onsite Visit (tailor the day to your needs)


*Online public sessions previously purchased on legacy Fuze will be honored when upgrading to 8x8.


What training courses are recommended for new 8x8 users?


Will I be able to access Fuze data/reports/recordings post-upgrade?

The Fuze platform will be decommissioned after the upgrade to the 8x8 platform. As a result, recordings and reports on the Fuze platform will no longer be available post-upgrade. For this reason, administrators are encouraged to download any desired data before the upgrade.


How do I contact 8x8 Billing and/or Technical Support?

In addition to our online knowledge base (, 8x8 billing and technical support is available through chat, by submitting online cases, or by calling the Support team directly. The Contact 8x8 Support article reviews each option in more detail.


Do I need to make changes to my network environment?

While similar in function and use, the Fuze and 8x8 platforms are architected differently. Network requirements vary between the platforms, and some network adjustments may be needed depending on which 8x8 features you will be using.

The X Series Technical Requirements article provides a comprehensive guide to the network requirements necessary to enable 8x8 X Series services (including Unified Communications, Contact Center Applications, Work for Desktop and Work for Mobile, UCaaS clients, Video Meetings, and current hardware offerings).


Is there a time frame regarding when I need to upgrade?

While we would love to see all 8x8 customers upgrade "today" to enjoy the latest features and functionality, we understand that coordination can be influenced by various factors. Smaller organizations with simpler requirements can upgrade quickly and effortlessly. We will initiate these upgrades starting in June 2023, and you can expect an email with the target upgrade date. Additional lead time is usually necessary for larger organizations with more complex needs. Therefore, we will work closely with you to coordinate the upgrade individually, ideally by the end of 2024.


When did 8x8 acquire Fuze?

Fuze became an 8x8 company in January of 2022. Together, we are shaping the future of integrated communications and hybrid work. Go to to learn more.


Where can I learn more about 8x8?

Go to to discover how 8x8, a leading global cloud communications company, offers a comprehensive XCaaS platform that enables efficient collaboration and communication for businesses worldwide. 

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