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Upgrading from Legacy Fuze to the 8x8 Platform


We're excited to guide you through a smooth transition from our legacy Fuze platform to the enhanced 8x8 experience. This transition is designed to enhance your communication capabilities and ensure a seamless and efficient process for you and your team. The best part? This upgrade comes at no additional cost and won't disrupt your subscription renewal dates.

Benefits of Upgrading

By transitioning to the advanced 8x8 platform, you're embracing a transformative communication experience that brings about substantial enhancements and seamless capabilities. Here's why this upgrade holds immense value for you:

  • Enjoy key feature parity with your currently installed services, and a combined Unified Communications and Contact Center platform.
  • Elevated Communication Dynamics: With 8x8, you're not just upgrading, you're advancing. The enhanced platform offers a wealth of features that go beyond the conventional, giving you a communication experience that is smarter, more intuitive, and more adaptable.
  • Enhanced Features: Delve into an array of advanced features that transcend the ordinary. From improved collaboration tools to enhanced audio and video quality, 8x8 empowers you with the tools to communicate effortlessly and effectively.
  • Seamless Integration: 8x8 seamlessly integrates into your existing workflow, providing you with a communication ecosystem that harmonizes with your processes. This integration extends across devices and locations, ensuring consistent and reliable connectivity.
  • Scalable and Future-Ready: As your business grows and evolves, 8x8 grows with you. The platform is designed to scale effortlessly, accommodating your expanding needs and future requirements with ease.
  • Robust Support: With 8x8, you're backed by a dedicated support system that's ready to assist you every step of the way. From troubleshooting to ensuring optimal utilization, you'll have a team of experts committed to your success.
  • Enhanced Security: Security is a paramount concern in today's digital landscape. The 8x8 platform is fortified with robust security measures, safeguarding your communication and data with a level of protection that meets the highest standards.
  • Simplified Management: 8x8 provides intuitive interfaces and user-friendly controls that make management a breeze. You'll spend less time navigating complexities and more time focusing on what matters—efficient communication.


Upgrade Process

Note: The following steps are relevant for both Small Business and Mid-Market customers. For larger enterprise customers, while your experience will be similarly seamless, your dedicated Customer Success Manager will work in tandem with you to guide your journey forward.

To make your upgrade experience as easy as possible, we have broken down the process into two essential steps:

Step 1: Billing Made Simple

To begin the transition over to 8x8, we'll start by moving your new invoices to the 8x8 billing platform. Here's what you can expect:

  • Two Separate Invoices: You'll temporarily receive two separate invoices for our services. Monthly recurring licenses will bill on 8x8, while itemized usage (like telephony usage), and additional fees will continue on Fuze until you migrate users to the 8x8 product platform.
  • Best of Both Worlds: By following this approach, you get the best of both worlds! There will be no paperwork required as you will already be on the 8x8 billing system but we require that you set up 8x8 as a separate supplier in your AP system for payment. 
  • Smooth Upgrade: During the upgrade, usage charges will continue on Fuze paper. This way, you can still monitor all usage activity before and after the upgrade. As you upgrade users to the 8x8 product platform, their usage charges will move from the Fuze invoice to the 8x8 invoice until no users are left on Fuze.
  • New Licenses Billing SKU: In addition, we're upgrading your licenses to 8x8 XF, maintaining your current services while granting you access to 8x8’s premium unified communications features. Your service will be seamlessly set up, including parity with your existing international calling plans, with no expected increase to your monthly bill resulting from the upgrade. This ensures a smooth, feature-rich transition that will elevate your communication experience 
  • Enhanced 8x8 Billing Experience: For more details on your transition to 8x8 billing & setting up 8x8 as a separate supplier, please see the Introduction to 8x8 Billing Overview for additional details.

We know changes can take time to get used to but we're here to make this transition seamless for you. Our dedicated team is ready to assist with any questions or concerns you might have about this new process.

Step 2: 8x8 Product Platform

Once step one is complete, one of our Professional Services consultants will reach out to assist you in upgrading your users from the Fuze platform to 8x8. Here's what you can expect:

  • We've Got Your Back: We already have a snapshot of your setup on the Fuze system, so we'll handle the heavy lifting for you, including basic administrative configuration and set-up.
  • Simple Steps Ahead: You'll simply review and approve the build design, complete network readiness activities, perform User Acceptance Testing (if desired), and notify your users of the change.
  • Access Resources: Rest easy knowing that all the resources you might need, including sample employee email notifications and training templates, are available. We've made everything accessible and straightforward.

Reminder: You’ll have access to log in as soon as Step 1 has been completed.

Demo Videos

In preparation for your upgrade, take a moment to watch these Fuze and 8x8 side-by-side comparison videos.

User Experience

(10 minutes)

Admin Experience

(10 minutes)

Analytics Experience

(10 minutes)

Fuze & 8x8 Billing Comparison

(8 minutes)


We've compiled answers to some common questions about the upgrade process.

Upgrade Basics

Is there a cost to upgrade?

No, your existing users will receive 8x8 XF licenses at no additional cost, granting access to premium features. You'll also receive one our our 8x8 calling plans which offers parity with your existing international calling plans.

When will I be upgraded to the new 8x8 platform? 

The timing varies based on organization size and complexity. Smaller organizations will upgrade sooner, while larger ones will be coordinated individually with your Customer Success Manager.

For our Small Business and Mid-Market customers, you can expect an email with the target upgrade date. Additional lead time is usually necessary for larger organizations with more complex needs. Therefore, we will work closely with you to coordinate the upgrade individually, ideally by the end of 2024.

Will my subscription renewal dates change?

Generally, renewal dates remain the same. However, 8x8 does not support month-to-month subscriptions, so renewal dates for existing month-to-month agreements will require a change. If this applies to you, we’ll work with you 1:1 to resolve.

Can I lower my subscription during the upgrade process?

Pricing modifications will be addressed when your subscription comes up for renewal.

However, we want to work with you to make sure you're getting the most value at present. In order to find the best solution for your needs, let's schedule some time to discuss the following:

  • What was the initial issue that led you to choose 8x8?
  • What specific features or benefits are you seeking in the new subscription?

By sharing this information with your Customer Success Manager, we can better understand your needs and work towards finding a suitable solution. Not sure who your Customer Success Manager/Team is? No problem; send an email to

Billing Questions

Where can I find more information about the details presented on 8x8 invoices and monthly statements?

Explore the concise Navigating Your 8x8 Bill training video (2 minutes) for insights. Additionally, you can refer to an illustrative and interactive example of a monthly statement by clicking here

How will the price per service be determined on the 8x8 invoice?

8x8 will apply pricing that maintains monthly billing parity with your existing Fuze agreement and spend.

Will my current billing change immediately? 

Transition details will be provided. Expect to receive a notification indicating the point at which your services will move to the 8x8 billing system.

Once the transition to the 8x8 billing system is complete, you'll notice a separation in billing. Your monthly recurring licenses will be billed through 8x8, while itemized usage and additional fees will continue to be billed by Fuze until your users have successfully physically migrated to the 8x8 platform.

This approach ensures that you can effortlessly monitor all usage activities both before and after the upgrade. As users are gradually upgraded to the 8x8 product platform, their usage records will shift from the Fuze invoice to the 8x8 invoice. Eventually, as all users transition to 8x8, the Fuze invoice will be deactivated, streamlining your billing process and aligning it with the enhanced 8x8 platform.

In which currency will my 8x8 invoice be billed?

8x8 supports billing in the following local currencies: USD, AUD, CAD, GBP, EUR, and NZD. Please note invoices can only appear in a single currency, as multi-currency billing on a single invoice is not yet available.

What steps should I take before making my initial payment with 8x8?

  • Continue Paying Fuze Bills: Be sure to continue sending payments for any bills invoiced by Fuze. You can remit the payment to the appropriate Fuze bank accounts.
  • Set up 8x8 as a Vendor for Payment: Before you proceed with paying your first 8x8 Bill, it's important for your Accounts Payable Department to establish 8x8 as a new Vendor to facilitate the payment process. All the necessary information and forms required for setting up 8x8 as a Vendor can be located here:
  • Opt for Auto-pay: With 8x8, you have the option to ensure timely payments by activating automatic monthly payments through Direct Debit using your bank account or Credit Card (available for US/CAD/GBP). This feature enables us to charge your chosen payment method at the start of each month. Kindly note that customers enrolled in auto-pay won't receive an invoice via email, but they can access their monthly billing statement via the My 8x8 Billing Portal. If you wish to update your Payment Method, refer to the Payment Method article for guidance.

What are some of the key billing differences between Fuze and 8x8?

  • Access to My 8x8 Billing Portal: Within the 8x8 Application Panel, you can easily reach our Billing Portal, which allows you to efficiently manage your billing information. Through this portal, you can view and download billing statements, as well as create and oversee your 8x8 support cases.
  • Additional Billing Details: In addition to receiving a summary invoice for your monthly service charges via email, our customers have the capability to access a comprehensive monthly Billing Statement through the 8x8 Portal. This statement offers further insights into billing details and grants access to download a Usage & Service Summary CSV Report. Please be aware that both an invoice and a statement are applicable only to customers with approved Payment Terms (such as Net 30). For more information, please refer to the following articles:
  • Cost Center Billing & Self-Service Management: While Fuze bills typically provide either a consolidated bill that outlines locations or separate bills grouped by designated locations managed by Fuze's billing department, 8x8 offers a distinct approach. Customers with a monthly recurring revenue (MRR) exceeding $1500 have the opportunity to opt in for Cost Center Billing with 8x8. This empowers you to autonomously manage billing setups and allocate services to specific cost centers. Please note that complete activation of 8x8 Cost Center billing can occur once the upgrade process is finalized, users have successfully transitioned to the 8x8 platform, and they are actively engaged in its use.

    For more insights, see the 8x8 Cost Centers Knowledge Base article.

    *For substantial deployments, your designated 8x8 deployment consultant will arrange a collaborative session with 8x8 Billing Support as part of the deployment planning process. During this session, you will delve into designing cost centers, reviewing the design process, and addressing any outstanding questions.

What self-service functionalities does 8x8 Cost Center Billing offer?

For enterprises of significant scale, customers have the autonomy to address their billing requirements and access either a consolidated bill categorized by cost center or opt for multiple bills assigned to distinct cost centers.

Billing Self-Service Features:

  • Effortlessly review both an overview and a detailed breakdown of costs associated with each office or department.
  • Efficiently organize cost centers within a hierarchical structure that aligns with your organization's framework.
  • Utilize enhanced bulk update capabilities for streamlined cost center administration via a convenient CSV template.
  • Experience improved asset management for billing through the use of CSV templates.
  • Allocate a designated contact for each cost center, facilitating the management of billing notifications and statements.
  • Efficiently locate assets based on criteria such as license ID and product name, enabling seamless assignment of cost centers to them.

How do I open a Billing Case?

Refer to How to Create a Billing Case via the Support Portal.

How do I enroll in 8x8 auto pay? 

With 8x8, you can ensure your bills are paid on time by setting up monthly Auto-payment via Direct Debit with your bank account or Credit Card (US/CAD/GBP Only). We will automatically charge your preferred payment method at the beginning of every month. Please note that customers on auto-pay do not receive an invoice via email but can access their monthly billing statement through the My 8x8 Billing Portal. Refer to this article if you would like to update your Payment Method.

Training and Transition

What training options are available for 8x8 users?

  • Free: Quick Tutorials (great for tech-savvy audiences)
  • Paid: Customized eLearning (modified course)
  • Paid: Online Sessions (join public sessions)
  • Paid: Private Online Sessions (modify the agenda)
  • Paid: Onsite Visit (tailor the day to your needs)

*Online public sessions previously purchased on legacy Fuze will be honored when upgrading to 8x8.

Will I be able to access Fuze data/reports/recordings post-upgrade?

The Fuze platform will be decommissioned after the upgrade to the 8x8 platform. As a result, recordings and reports on the Fuze platform will no longer be available post-upgrade. For this reason, administrators are encouraged to download any desired data before the upgrade.

As a Fuze customer, I can assign as many unused DID's to my company as I like, free of charge (for instance, I might reserve the 556-9000 block of phone numbers for easy assignment to future hires). Can I retain these unused DID's at no cost when I upgrade to 8x8?

Yes, for a time. At 8x8, we understand the importance of flexibility for our customers. While we typically charge for each DID (regardless of assignment), you will have the benefit of keeping all unassigned DIDs at no additional cost for a limited period. This gives you time to review and tidy up any unused or undesired phone numbers, ensuring they can be deactivated before your next renewal date. We want to make the transition as smooth as possible for you, and this approach allows you to maintain the unused DID's during the upgrade. If you have any further questions or need assistance, our team is here to support you every step of the way.

Upgrade Process

What important steps should you take to get ready for the upgrade to 8x8?

To ensure a smooth upgrade to 8x8, customers are encouraged to complete the following key tasks:

  • Verify Your Information: It's essential to carefully review your Fuze information, including system settings and feature usage, to ensure accuracy. Now is a great time for any clean-up efforts to ensure your Fuze requirements are up to date.
  • Check Your Network Readiness: You'll want to confirm that your network infrastructure is ready for the upgrade. The 8x8 Network Utility Tool can help you assess whether your network settings are compatible with the new 8x8 PBX. If you need assistance, don't hesitate to reach out to your IT department or network management team.
  • Conduct User Acceptance Testing (UAT): Once we've set up the new 8x8 PBX, it's time to conduct User Acceptance Testing (UAT). This phase is crucial for ensuring a successful upgrade. During UAT, you might convert spare phones to 8x8 and make test calls using temporary numbers. We'll provide you with a comprehensive test plan to guide you through this testing stage.
  • Plan Training and Change Management: You have a vital role in evaluating training options and creating a communication plan for your team members. This proactive approach ensures that everyone is well-prepared for the transition to the new 8x8 PBX. To help you with this, we offer various training resources, including an adoption kit, to support you in effectively managing the changes and training your team.

Will I need to make any changes to my network environment when I switch to 8x8?

As the network prerequisites for 8x8 differ from those of Fuze, it's possible that some modifications might be necessary in your network environment. The specific changes required will depend on the features you intend to utilize with 8x8. For a comprehensive understanding of the network requirements essential for enabling 8x8 X Series services, you can refer to the X Series Technical Requirements article.

Here are a few examples of specific network adjustments that might be required as you make the switch to 8x8:

  • Opening specific ports on your firewall.
  • Modifying your DNS settings.
  • Upgrading your router.

If you're uncertain about the network changes required for your upgrade to 8x8, it's advisable to consult your IT department or a network engineer who can provide guidance tailored to your specific setup.

General Questions

How do I contact 8x8 Billing or Technical Support?

You have multiple options to access 8x8's dedicated support:

  • Online Knowledge Base: Our comprehensive online knowledge base ( is a valuable resource for finding solutions to common questions and issues.
  • Chat Support: You can engage with our support team directly through chat, receiving real-time assistance for your inquiries.
  • Online Cases: If you prefer, you can submit online cases detailing your concerns, which our team will promptly address.
  • Direct Call: Feel free to reach out to our Support team directly by phone. They're ready to assist you and provide personalized guidance.

For a more detailed breakdown of these options, refer to the Contact 8x8 Support article, where each method is explained thoroughly.

When did 8x8 acquire Fuze?

In January 2022, 8x8, a prominent global cloud communications company, successfully acquired Fuze. This strategic partnership marks a significant step towards shaping the future of integrated communications and hybrid work solutions. To delve deeper into how our extensive XCaaS platform empowers efficient collaboration and communication for businesses on a global scale, visit us at

Where can I learn more about 8x8?

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