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COVID-19 Effects on Porting Numbers


What effect does COVID-19 have on number porting?

Applies To

  • Number Porting
    • Ports into 8x8 from other carriers
    • Ports out of 8x8 to other carriers


As of 5/26/20, number porting for the following countries has been impacted due to global events around COVID-19. 

We are monitoring daily for updates globally:

  • Australia: Telstra: Significant delay across all CAT C porting in near term if numbers are with Telstra
  • France: Possible delay & restrictions on Porting with Orange- Orange in France working with limited capability & resources to support Number Porting requests. All non-critical ports requested to be postponed for 2-3 weeks while we keep an eye on the situation & share further updates. Sensitive & critical porting requests will continue to be supported by Orange during this difficult time.
  • Portugal:  Expect delays 
  • Spain: As of 4/9: Porting resumed with severe limitations:
    • Only 50 numbers can be ported per operator, per day
    • No ports can be completed that require a physical intervention on your part: only ports that can be completed remotely will be processed.
  • United Kingdom:
    • United Kingdom's incumbent operator, BT, is experiencing severe porting delays.
    • All porting requests made to port numbers from BT will be accepted, but they may be delayed.
    • All porting requests made from carriers other than BT will still take place as usual, although we're receiving reports of delays elsewhere too due to COVID-19
  • United States:  Some delays reported 
  • Rest of the countries: No restriction on Number Porting in remaining countries, however, the situation may change rapidly & we are keeping a close eye on further developments. 

Currently, we've only identified delays or freezes in porting for the identified countries. As 8x8 receives updates from carriers, the article will be updated.

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