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ContactNow: 8x8 Network Utility Tool


The 8x8 Network Utility tool will diagnose your network and connectivity to 8x8 servers. Using this will allow us to collect all the test results we need quickly and efficiently. We will simulate phone calls from your location to 8x8 data centers which give specific measurements indicating network performance.

Step by step guide

  1. Download the tool from the 8x8 support center: 8x8 Network Utility v 2.2
  2. Request an Activation Key from the support team.
  3. On the dropdown menu select the requested test type, e.g. Baseline, Quick, or Custom.
  4. Click Start.
    • Once all the tests are completed (Monitor lasts until manually stopped, Custom and Continuous have further timing options), you'll receive a popup window that says Tests complete. Report sent to 8x8!
  5. Click Save Log. Use Text File as the Save as type:
    • Note: It is recommended that you open test logs using the Notepad++ application, as the standard Notepad application does not properly display formatting in the report.
  6. Log into the Support Community portal and attach your results to the opened case.
    • If you do not have an open case, please create one.
  7. We will contact you to help you analyse the result.

To improve the accuracy of your test

  • Ensure PC/LAPTOP is connected through Ethernet cable if agents will use Ethernet, or through WiFi if the agents will use WiFi.
  • Run tests from voice VLAN (if applicable).
  • Run tests from the right circuit, which is used for voice traffic.
  • Don’t run the test from a Server machine, server machines can be busy performing other tasks or extra security is implemented (desirable).

Actions to take to improve your results

  • Switch to Ethernet if using WiFi.
  • Voice traffic Prioritization on Access Point (AP) for ContactNow when users are using WiFi.
  • Voice traffic Prioritization on /switch/routers/firewalls etc. These are ContactNow range of IP addresses for VOIP traffic prioritization.
  • See instructions to disable SIP-ALG if the test indicates it is on. How do I disable SIP-ALG in my router or firewall?
  • For customers using external Sip Phones (Such as Polycom or Grandstream): Create separate VLAN for voice traffic.

Extra Questions

  • Which firewall/router/switches are used in the network, make and model?
  • What type of circuit is used for WAN connectivity like MPLS, VPN, xDSL etc.?
  • What bandwidth circuit is available for VOIP traffic?

Extra Tests to run (for more complete diagnostic)

  • Run tool or similar to check limits of available bandwidth.
  • Run only Media test using the tool. Have Repeat option selected for 12 hours. During this test make sure that the PC does not hibernate/sleep/logout and manually stop the test.
  • Run ping -t and ping -t (UK Customers only) from Windows DOS prompt. To stop test press CTRL+C and press right on the mouse and SELECT ALL and when all highlighted to White, right click on mouse (data copied automatically), and paste data to notepad. This test needs to run for 12 hours.
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