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Ensuring Each Extension is Associated to a Unique User Profile

To ensure each user profile is added to only one extension, go to the Assigned to Extension column in the list of User Profiles. Learn more from the steps here.

Virtual Office Account Manager currently allows account administrators to associate a User Profile to multiple phone system extensions. While doing so may not create immediate call flow issues, this is likely to impact other functions of your 8x8 services, such as Virtual Office Meetings. It is imperative that each extension in your system is joined to a single, unique User Profile.

A User Profile is not required for the phone services of the extension to function. However, a User Profile is required to allow the extension to be accessed via the Virtual Office Desktop and Mobile applications, as well as enable email notifications of incoming voicemails and faxes.

To Ensure Each User Profile Is Added to Only One Extension

  1. Log in to Account Manager.
  2. Click Accounts > User Profiles.
  3. In the list of User Profiles, scroll right to view the Assigned to Extension column.
  4. Review your User Profile list to identify profiles assigned to multiple extensions.

  5. Note the extensions and the profiles they are associated with. (For example, write them down, take screenshots, or copy and paste into a document on your computer.)
  6. In the top menu, click Phone System.
  7. In the Quick Find / Edit Extension field, search for an extension from among the ones noted in Step 5.
  8. To the left of the extension information, click Edit.

  9. On the Edit Extension screen, in the Extension Information section, click Clear User Profile.
  10. In the confirmation pop-ups, click Clear, then OK.
  11. Optionally add a User Profile by clicking Select User Profile. Again, you must ensure that this User Profile is only associated with this extension.
  12. Scroll to the bottom and click Save.
  13. Repeat Steps 6-12 for each extension noted.
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