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How do I activate and cancel Call Forwarding on an Aastra 6757i phone?


To activate Call Forwarding on an Aastra 6757i phone.

Applies To

  • Aastra IP Phone 6757i 
  • Call Forwarding


  1. Press the Options button located to the left of your keypad.step1.JPG
  2. Choose 1. Call Forward and press the Select button.Choose 1 select.JPG
    • The Call Forward Mode will appear with the following options:
      • All
      • Busy
      • No answer
        Choose 1All.JPG
  3. Select your preferred mode then choose the State of the forwarding, either On or Off. Then you may enter the phone number you wish to forward your calls to.
    on or off.JPG
  4. If All or No Answer is selected, you may set the # Of Rings which is how many times the line will ring before the call is forwarded. If Busy mode is selected, then it will forward each time the line is busy when a call comes in.
  5. To turn off the Call Forwarding settings, simply repeat these steps and choose Off for the State.

Additional Information

For businesses, call forwarding helps to improve customer service. When a line is busy or there is no answer after a certain number of rings, the call is then forwarded to another line. This enables customers to be rerouted to the next available representative as soon as possible. Call forwarding also works with outside lines, allowing you to take work calls while you are on the field.

For additional information for call forwarding, please see Forwarding Calls on a Desk Phone.

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