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Say Hello to 8x8 Work Apps, 8x8 Admin Console, and 8x8 Meet (August 2020)



As of August 11, 2020, the below 8x8 applications and interfaces have been renamed as follows:

8x8 Virtual Office is now 8x8 Work

  • Beginning with version 7.0, Virtual Office Desktop (VOD) is now 8x8 Work for Desktop
  • Beginning with version 10.0, Virtual Office Mobile (VOM) is now 8x8 Work for Mobile

Virtual Office Configuration Manager (VO Config Mgr) is now 8x8 Admin Console

  • The General settings area is now Setup
  • The Virtual Office settings area is now Phone System

8x8 Video Meetings is now 8x8 Meet

  • The Video Meetings mobile and desktop apps are now 8x8 Meet
  • 8x8 Rooms and the 8x8 Room Nav app are now 8x8 Spaces


What does this mean for you?

From a Support Knowledge Base perspective, you will notice for awhile that some content may refer to older names, and some may refer to the newer names. Some content may also include screenshots that include the former product labels. We are doing our absolute best to update all content as fast as possible, and thank you for bearing with us in the meantime.

Our site search and Otto the 8x8 Support Virtual Agent have been updated to ably assist with queries about these products using both the old and new terms.

Does this change how the affected 8x8 products work?

Generally speaking, no. While the application version updates that will debut with this branding change may feature new aspects of the user experience, any changes will be guided by normal product development and unrelated specifically to the new branding.

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Click here for a detailed Quick Start Guide to 8x8 Work and 8x8 Admin Console.

Why did 8x8 make this change?

We want our products and applications to reflect the "new normal" of work, in which organizations need digital tools to capture new marketplace opportunities quickly. Learn more on the 8x8 Blog.

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