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Switchboard Pro: End of Sale


This article describes the conditions under which the 8x8 Switchboard Pro application reaches the End of Sale stage before, finally, it will get to End of Life. Switchboard Pro is a legacy web application aimed at operators and requires a deskphone to work. The current replacement and future of Switchboard Pro is 8x8 Frontdesk, which is the new receptionist console working from anywhere, with full softphone or deskphone, is built on top of the 8x8 Work unified communication client, bringing operators everything needed for high call volume handling and more.

Switchboard Pro is enabled as a license capability and is included X-Series X3 or above for X-Series customers, and for non- X Series customers.

Applies To

  • 8x8 switchboard Pro

End of Sale Conditions

As of April 5, 2022, Switchboard Pro will reach the End of Sale stage.

Switchboard Pro End of Sale applies to:

  • New customers

  • Existing 8x8 customers that haven’t used Switchboard Pro until 2022-01-01 (at least one user having enabled the application and using it).

Existing customers that have used Switchboard Pro before 2022-01-01 can still order licenses that include the Switchboard Pro capability until its End of Life (e.g. needed for extending an existing setup).

Existing customers that can still order and use Switchboard Pro until its End of Life, will receive:

  • Support for critical issues

  • A communication and transition plan to Frontdesk


Note: Switchboard Pro will no longer receive any new feature enhancements

Additional Information

End of Life for the Switchboard Pro will occur on Oct 31st, 2022, this will allow time for the transition to 8x8 Frontdesk.

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