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Transferred Calls Drop on Cisco Phones

When on a call on the extension and the call drops while transferring a second call to the extension, use blind transfers. Learn more here.


When you are on a call on your extension, the call drops when a second call is transferred to your extension.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. A call comes in to extension 1.
  2. Extension 1 warm transfers the call to extension 2.
  3. The user on extension 2 picks up the call.
  4. Another call comes in to extension 1.
  5. This call is warm transferred to the user on extension 2 as well.
  6. The first transferred call for extension 2 drops and the new call takes over. Note: When the first call on extension 2 drops, the new call takes its place without warning and automatically answers. If you try to resume the initial call, the second call drops.

Applies To 

Legacy Cisco Phones


The workaround is to use blind transfers, as blind transfers complete successfully.

There is no resolution for warm transfers at this time. 

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