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Upgrading Quality Management or Speech Analytics v 4.5 to 5.0 for Screen Recording Users

8x8 Quality Management 4.5 to 5.0 Upgrade Technical Information

Users who have subscribed to screen recording services for Quality Management or Speech Analytics are required to update the screen recording client to continue use of screen recording services after they have been upgraded to version 5.0.

Technical information and installation applications can be found here.

Users should uninstall the previous version of the application, and reinstall the new version for all desktop machines which require screen recording services.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know what version of QM I have?

Log in to Quality Management. Go to Settings > System Summary. On the right, under System Details, you will see your Application Version.

If I do not install the screen recording client after the upgrade, will screen recording still work?

Once the system has been upgraded to the new version, the old screen recording client application will no longer record the desktop of the agents. The new version must be installed for the feature to begin recording desktop screens again.

Can I install the screen client before the scheduled upgrade time?

Yes, however, users will need to reboot their desktop machines after the upgrade has taken place, and must log into Virtual Contact Center (VCC) at least once for the screen client to register to the upgraded services. Please note, if the installation of the screen client is done prior to the upgrade, screen recording will no longer work until the upgrade has taken place, and users have rebooted their workstations and logged in to Virtual Contact Center (VCC) Agent Console at least once.

Can I test the new version prior to the update?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. The upgraded screen client works hand-in-hand with the new cloud-based application. Version 5.0 Screen Recording is not backwards-compatible with version 4.5. This was a difficult decision, but ultimately, customers are better served using the newer application version.

How can I ensure the screen recorder is working after the system is upgraded?

It's important that Windows or Mac clients are fully rebooted. Once rebooted, by logging into Virtual Contact Center (VCC) and placing a minimum of two phone calls, screen recording files should begin to appear in the playback interface.

Does the screen recording client communicate differently to the cloud platform in the new version?

Yes. The screen recording clients now use a new sub-domain. The client will communicate with hosts on the * sub-domain as well as * top level domains.

I've white-listed network addresses and ranges provided to me by 8x8's Deployment Engineering department as per my company outbound security policy. Do I need to update any of these addresses?

Yes. Version 5.0 uses additional hosts which are not statically defined, nor are the subnets statically defined. Users should not consider subnets as part of an outbound access control list. Users should instead consider FQDN and valid security certificates instead. The FQDN which should be allowed is '*' and '*'. Port 443 is used for all communications using SSL TLS 1.2.