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You Are Not Subscribed To This Service Message Appears on Log In


Users who attempt to log into either Account Manager, Virtual Office Online, or Virtual Office Desktop receive the error message, "You are not subscribed to this service."


Applies To

Account Manager, Virtual Office Online, Virtual Office Desktop


Unable to log into Account Manager or any 8x8 Service

  1. In Account Manager, access the problematic extension.
  2. In the Extension Information panel
    1. Uncheck the box for Enable Virtual Office Online.
    2. Check the box for Enable Virtual Office Online.
  3. Click Save Changes.
  4. Retest. If the issue is not resolved, continue to Step 5.
  5. In Account Manager, access the problematic extension and remove the user profile. Note: Do not delete the problematic user profile! This will cause further issues with the account!
  6. Click Save Changes.
  7. Add the user profile back to the extension again.
  8. Click Save Changes.
  9. Retest.

Unable to log into VOD only

This is a localised issue that occurs due to the user logging in previously with their account admin credentials as opposed to their extension user credentials. To correct this, please do the following.

  1. At the top of the login screen where the error is given, click the Application Panel banner. (Note: Nothing will happen.)
  2. Using the mouse wheel, scroll down until you see the Go Back and Application Panel buttons.
  3. Click the Admin/User ID drop-down box.
  4. Click Logout.



Some accounts may not have synced correctly with the SSO server on initial launch.

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