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2019-10-02: Calls to Taiwan Not Routing Successfully
8x8 Support

2019-10-02: Calls to Taiwan Not Routing Successfully


Outbound calls from Virtual Office or Virtual Contact Center to the Taiwan 886 country code mis-route, reach an unknown greeting, or receive a busy signal. 

Applies To

  • Virtual Office - outbound calls to Taiwan
  • Virtual Contact Center  - outbound calls to Taiwan
  • Outbound calls to 886 country code on other 8x8 products


We have worked with our network of global telephony carriers to improve call completion rate to this area significantly over the last 24 hours. Call failures have been observed outside of the 8x8 network and it's telephony partners, indicating the cause of impact resides outside of the terminating carriers control. Our carriers have escalated this to the highest levels in the Taiwan region as they continue to leverage their partnerships to bring resolution to this issue. 

Last Updated

2019-10-03, 9:33 p.m. Pacific Time

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