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Partner Led Transition to Support Process (Wholesale Partners)
8x8 Support

Partner Led Transition to Support Process (Wholesale Partners)



How to open a "Tranisition to Support" case as an 8x8 Partner.

Applies To

  • Partner
  • Tranisition to Support


Once a partner has completed their 'deployment support' phase, to advise 8x8 Support that the customer is live, the following should be followed.

  1. Partner to raise a case via PartnerXchange to support
  2. Subject - 'Go Live Notification - (customer name)
  3. Description - '(Customer Name) - self deployed and have gone live. Please see the attached documentation'
  4. Case Severity - 3 - Moderate Business Impact
  5. Case Type - Technical Support
  6. Issue Level 2- Application
  7. Issue Level 3 - Login
  8. Upload Attachment - Please add the following information:
    a) Build Capture Document (or Partners own version)
    b) Configuration Workbook (or Partners own version)
    c) Network Utility Test Results OR network waiver
    d) Deploment to Support handover form
  9. Save and close

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