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What to do after your number(s) ports over to 8x8
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What to do after your number(s) ports over to 8x8


What to do after your phone number(s) have ported to 8x8

Applies To

  • Number Transfer
  • Porting


When your numbers have successfully ported to 8x8, you will want to make sure you do the following steps to ensure you are fully set up.

1. Contact your old provider to Close/Cancel the services attached to the numbers you ported to 8x8. When you do not cancel your services with your old provider, those services may remain active (which can result in continuous billing) and you may experience issues of calls still routing through your old provider. **Before doing this, please confirm your numbers are with 8x8.**

2. Confirm your users are setup. This includes a profile is created for the user, a license and phone number have been assigned (if ported, confirm the user has the correct number), and the user's endpoint (deskphone, WorkD, WorkM) is working successfully.

3. Confirm your call flow is setup. When your main number is called, confirm it is routing correctly to your desired destination (Auto Attendant, Ring Group, Call Queue, or User).

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